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Neck PainNeck Pain
Light to Severe

Neck Pain

Neck pain can have many causes and should never be ignored. Here are some common causes...

Back PainBack Pain

Back Pain

There are few types of pain that can interfere with life the way back pain can. See our options.



Headaches come in all shapes and sizes, but chronic headaches tend to be a little more specific.

Arm and Shoulder PainArm and Shoulder Pain

Arm/Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a very complex joint, and it's easy for things to be damaged by normal use.

Auto AccidentsAuto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are notorious for causing a specific kind of trauma to the neck - whiplash.



Before you end up addicted to narcotic pain meds and left with more pain, you should try this.

Blood PressureBlood Pressure
High and Low

Blood Pressure

See how chiropractic can help normalize blood pressure - whether starting high or low.

Athletic PerformanceAthletic Performance
Achieve Peak

Athletic Performance

You can't afford to leave anything on the table.


Often misdiagnosed and even more often not treated properly, this complicated condition can still benefit from overall wellness treatment.

Fibromyalgia is a common disorder characterized by chronic full-body pain and tender spots in the soft tissue of the body. Often fibromyalgia accompanies autoimmune disorders such as lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis. Fibromyalgia symptoms include extreme anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and numbness in hands and feet.

The best treatment for fibromyalgia is an integrated approach. Along with diet improvements and rehabilitative stretching exercises, gentle chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy may reduce the severity of your symptoms.

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