"The Advantage of Having a Doctor in Your Family"



Penny Reynolds
"Dr. Reed Johnson ended one of the most severe migraine headaches I've ever had with a neck adjustment. It was like a mac truck was instantly lifted off my head/neck/shoulders and my nausea instantly went away. I had been to 4 other chiropractic practices in the area and was very disappointed with lack of results. When I get adjustments from Dr. Johnson I get the improved result I am looking for with both my migraines and lower back pain. Nothing beats a great adjustment by a chiropractor that knows what he is doing and Dr. Johnson is the best in the area!"

Valerie Monismith

Penny Reynolds
"I woke up every morning for three years with lower back pain. Tried everything. New mattress set, different work shoes, wore a brace when lifting heavy things. Nothing helped. Went to see Dr. Reed finally. He adjusted me twice a week and recommended some exercises that strengthen the core muscles. Within a few months, the pain was gone. It's been gone for four years. I can't describe how much of a blessing they are at Johnson Family Chiropractic! Thanks yall! "

Mocha Johnson

Penny Reynolds
"When I first walked in i felt very welcome and could tell immediately that the office was very professional. From the doctor to the staff, everyone was very kind and attended to my needs. Just after my first visit, my back felt substantially better and I could tell I had made the right choice. I highly recommend! You will not regret choosing Johnson Family Chiropractic!"

Hashim Alsaffar