"The Advantage of Having a Doctor in Your Family"


Post Injury Rehab

Whether you suffer from a sports injury or from whiplash due to an auto accident, chiropractic rehabilitation will help you heal quickly without pain, and you’ll resume your normal activities as soon as possible. At Johnson Family Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic adjustment, exercise therapy, massage therapy, and nutrition and weight loss support to anyone, no matter the age or condition.


The full range of therapies we offer, as well as our convenient appointment times, ensure that you’ll receive the customized treatment and support you need to restore health and wellness. Memphis chiropractors supervise and monitor your progress, and they encourage questions and feedback. Massage therapy not only relaxes and heals your muscles, but it also increases the circulation throughout your body.

Our holistic health philosophy treats you as a unique individual. We’ll work as a team toward your health goals through a personalized treatment program and regular visits with our professional, expert staff.

Contact us today to begin your journey to optimal health.